what we do

We are an environmental testing and monitoring company, providing produced water, ballast water and waste water upgrade solutions through integrated systems.

The water treatment units we design comprise integration of many technologies, e.g. novel membrane technology, hydro cyclones and UV filters. Aiming to provide full spectrum of your water quality reuse or disposal, we conduct in situ measurements and provide data to help you comply with specified legislation.

Produced water is a costly challenge since monitoring, treatment and disposal require compliance with local and international regulations. Some operations require transportation of produced water to onshore facilities for treatment, which proves to be costly and increases environmental footprint of the operation. Our container units can help you respond to such challenges.

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Ballast water is an indispensable resource for the ship’s operations, however, taking it onboard ships can bring variety of aquatic or marine life, which can be carried across the earth. When untreated, ballast water from ships could introduce potential threats to ecosystems due to invasive marine life. Our container units can help you respond to such challenges in a timely fashion.
Wastewater generated in production and processing industry can represent a focal cost and divert you from your business core. Most part, it consists of flushing water that is generated during cleaning work, cutting, milling, etc. Generally, waste water can be of various compositions depending on your industry. Volumes for disposal and concentrations as well as the pH-values are mostly subject to strong fluctuations. Presence of cleaning agents poses another challenge to water treatment systems, our in-situ measurement provides data for the right treatment method to be deployed. We then mobilize a container unit suited to your problem.

30 years of combined
hands on experience

within oil and gas field operations,
gives us a cutting edge advantage

about us

More than 30 years of combined hands on experience in Oil & Gas Operations, with multidisciplinary team members consisting of Engineers and Scientists we take on challenges that relieve our customers’ focus from daily concerns of water treatment.

By using our unique methodologies, we take ownership of our customers’ discharge water to the environment whilst providing data for effective decision making.

We can tailor a service to help you with produced water problem, or hopefully that you do not have a problem. With useful data you are then in a position to make a reasoned decision on your future course of action.

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